**UPDATED 14 May 2024**

Funding for 29 new urgent care clinics has just been announced in the Federal Budget.

We need to act now, before locations are announced.

Sign the petition below to say we need one here in Yarra Ranges.


Imagine this: You wake up feeling unwell on a Saturday morning. It’s not an emergency, but you need to see a doctor.

Currently, in the Yarra Ranges, for urgent healthcare your options are limited.

Travelling to a stretched emergency room or struggling to find an appointment at one of just seven bulk-billing GP’s is not good enough.

Our community, spanning over 2,500 square kilometres, deserves better access to quality healthcare.

That’s why we need a Medicare Urgent Care Clinic for the Yarra Ranges.

Urgent Care Clinics provide:

  • Walk-in appointments for urgent medical needs, eliminating the stress of finding a GP appointment.
  • Bulk-billing services, ensuring everyone in our community can access affordable healthcare.
  • Extended hours, including evenings and weekends, so you can receive care when you need it most.

Sign below to add your support for an Urgent Care Clinic in the Yarra Ranges.